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Custom Jet-Blast Ports Can Be Fitted to a Machine's Coolant System to Achieve Ideal Flow and Pressure

Pioneer now offers a modification option on the company's End Mill Holders, Collets or Shrink Fit Holders that enables the holder to deliver coolant down the cutting tool flutes on solid cutters via custom Jet-Blast ports.

Pioneer perfected this technology to expand customer options and projections over what is competitively available as the current market standard.

"We are proud to have the ability to offer this coolant port modification in such a wide variety of holders of up to 10-inch projections," said Pioneer Tool Holder Division Vice President, Lee Flick. "We know this will reduce processing time, minimize wear and tear on the operator's machine and increase profit margins."

In a test case, a user experienced an increase from 16 parts machined, with a secondary operation needed for polishing when using a standard end mill holder, to 48 parts machined and no secondary polishing operation required with the Jet-Blast holder.

All metal-cutting industries using coolant or pressurized air during the cutting process could benefit from this new offering. The Jet-Blast can be fitted to an individual machine's coolant system to achieve ideal coolant flow and pressure. These customized holders are available in a one- to three-day turnaround period.

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