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Low Cost, Small-Scale Waterjet Systems Provide Same Quality as Large Systems; Ideal for Small Job Shops

WARDJet has introduced the Emerald 0606 (2' x 2') and the Emerald 0612 (2' x 4') to the existing Emerald Series Line of low cost, American made waterjets.

The smallest waterjet ever manufactured by WARDJet, the Emerald 0606 is designed to offer all the quality of a large, expensive waterjet cutting system at a reduced size and cost. Because of its rigid, sturdy tank design, the Emerald 0606 is capable of handling 12" thick stainless steel just as easily as a 2" sheet of foam.

The Emerald 0606 offers a cutting envelope of 2' by 2' and 12" of Z-travel and is uniquely designed with ballscrew drives and a cantilever-style arm. This short-travel, cantilever architecture effectively balances the reduced machine footprint and number of moving parts of the Emerald 0606, while maximizing cutting envelope and maintaining overall stiffness.

The Emerald 0612 offers double the cutting envelope at 2' by 4'. The cantilever-style arm is ballscrew driven, the tank is beefed up for extra support, and the overall footprint is small. The Emerald 0612 offers the advantage of indexing sheets of unlimited length from front to back -- standard 4' by 8' sheets of material up to 2" thick can be cut with greater convenience.

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