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New Spinner Hanger Blaster Provides More Horsepower for Faster Cleaning and Better Efficiency

Viking Blast & Wash Systems announces the release of their newest blaster in its Industrial line of Spinner Hanger blasters -- the SH 3660HD.

This new and redesigned unit has 4 wheels for great angles, more horsepower and faster cleaning, and brings new efficiency to consumers.

This redesigned unit eliminates the need for a lower screw auger reducing wear while improving efficiency. The air intake is very aggressive and allows for application of more than 2500 CFM yielding cleaner abrasive and a cleaner cabinet. The drum is made of manganese and is lined with 1/2" thick cast chrome/moly liners giving the highest degree of wear resistance.

The SH 3660HD is equipped with four VK Powermax 15 HP blast wheels, a three horsepower vertical lifting abrasive system with air wash separator, most applications are covered by the standard offering, but can also be fitted with a rotary scalping drum, auxiliary abrasive hoppers and 20 HP, 25 HP or 30 HP blast wheels verses the standard 15 HP.

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