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State-of-the-Art System Makes Scale and Edge Inspections in Real Time

The PG 1000 Advance REACTION gage and the PG 1000 Basic REACTION gage are the cutting edge of digital low light inspection technology for inspecting cutting tools.

Euro-Tech has upgraded its hardware for better repeatability. Segmented scale calibrations on any PG 1000 sold as a REACTION series gage can now be done over the entire working envelope of the microscope.

The new REACTION software makes both scale and edge detection inspections in real time, moving into a new concept in cutting tool inspection technology. Make, save and recall inspection scenes for new tool inspections of a tool image using scales, screen, edge detection, comparisons or .dxf file overlays in multiple colors, annotate the screen to make your own tool inspection document.

While the basic cutting tool may look similar to what was made ten to twenty years ago, the similarity ends there. Cutting tools manufactured today are made to tolerances of 1/10th of what was made ten years ago. Cutting Tool inspection using micrometers and indicators is gone. Toolmakers microscopes and comparators are insufficient for today's requirements.

Today's manufactures are measuring tool tolerances in microns, finishes are highly polished and possibly diamond coated, making contactless inspection the only acceptable method. Traceability for ISO is no longer an option but a requirement from the reticle certification to gage calibration reports to the tool inspection report. The PG 1000 REACTION Series by Euro-Tech Corporation meets and exceeds these demands.

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