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New Taps' Advanced Geometry and Multi-Layered Coating Improves Tool Life, Reduces Torque, and Optimizes Chip Evacuation

Emuge Corp.has introduced a new tap program, "Z-Taps", an extensive line of taps featuring design and engineering that make them ideal for stainless steels, high strength alloys, tool steels and cast steels.

Emuge Z-Taps are designed with an advanced chamfer geometry and rake / flute form. GLT-1, a newly developed multi-layered coating, produces a consistent, controllable chip formation that is released smoothly for fast and efficient chip removal. GLT-1 is uniquely structured with advanced heat resistance characteristics, along with an outer anti-friction layer.

These elements synergistically combine to produce exceptional wear resistance and sliding properties that result in improved tool life, reduced torque, optimized chip evacuation and superior thread finish.

Mr. Mark Hatch, Emuge Corp. Product Director said, "The Emuge Z-Tap is engineered for the economical and efficient tapping of stainless steels and other alloy, tool and cast steels."

Emuge Z-Taps feature an increased number of flutes and a shortened thread section to reduce friction, and a lower cutting torque to reduce the occurrence of tap breakage and enable higher cutting speeds. The Z-Taps line is available in through-hole and blind-hole designs for thread lengths up to 3xD.

Blind-hole taps offer two chamfer designs -- a full bottoming (1.5-2 threads) and a modified bottoming (2-3 threads). A DIN length is available for improved chip clearance in hard-to-reach tapping applications.

For optimal results, Z-Taps are recommended on CNC machines with synchronous spindles utilizing emulsion coolant lubrication and synchronous tap holders.

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