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Siemens Powerful New Control Hardware Offers "Twice As Fast" Operating Speed

Siemens has developed new control hardware with greater computing power for its panel-based Sinumerik 828D and Sinumerik 828D Basic compact CNCs for turning and milling. The new PPU2xx.3 panel processing units replace the previous PPU2xx.2 generation and are available for all six versions of the Siemens compact CNC.

The greater computing power has significantly accelerated the operating speed of the Sinumerik Operate graphical user interface during commissioning, programming and operation. For example, when changing operating areas, the screen forms are loaded almost twice as fast as before.

The new PPU2xx.3 hardware for Sinumerik 828D and Sinumerik 828D Basic has a more rugged design than the previous version so that it can be used in harsh industrial environments, and it is also better protected against wiring errors during installation in a control cabinet. Additionally, the Sinumerik 828D Basic can now also be used for turning and milling on one piece of hardware. This reduces costs, especially in regards to spare parts.

PPU2xx.3 has the same dimensions and connectors and is fully compatible with version PPU2xx.2. This ensures trouble-free conversion to the new hardware, which requires Sinumerik 828D V4.5 SP3 software or higher.

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