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Special Additives Makes New Plunger Lubricants Ideal for the Die Casting Industry

G.W. Smith and Sons, a Quaker Chemical Company, has expanded its product portfolio in the die casting industry with the addition of new high performance plunger lubricants PLUNGER SLICK™ 200T and PLUNGER SLICK™ WB10T, and new robotic greases QUAKERTEK™ AXIAL 00-32 and QUAKERTEK™ LS 032B-EP.

PLUNGER SLICK™ 200T and PLUNGER SLICK™ WB10-T are high performance plunger lubricants formulated for aluminum die casting operations. Engineered chemistries provide excellent boundary protection for plunger tips and shot sleeves. Key benefits include strong adherence to plunger tip, extended tip and sleeve life, reduced cycle times. and clean and bright castings.

QUAKERTEK™ AXIAL 00-32 and QUAKERTEK™ LS 032B-EP are lithium type greases with excellent wear resistance that are used in robotic gearboxes. Their semi-fluid consistency carries sophisticated lubrication to reduction gear contact points providing improved efficiency and extended equipment life.

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