New Tombstone Provides Wireless 5-Axis Machining

KME CNC's new patented five axis tombstone configuration has advanced even further.

It now allows shops to do 5 axis machining wirelessly. They can now upgrade all of their existing horizontal equipment to 5 axis machining with even lesser limitations. This new platform allows immense flexibility, i.e. pallet pool, cell, or stand alone applications.

The system is an address-based system. It works with a Transmitter/Receiver Module (TRM, hereafter) connection platform. Each tombstone is defined by its specific address therefore when entering the machine envelope, it makes itself available to the TRM.

At that time, the TRM engages that specific tombstone and that specific tombstone only. An individual TRM is capable of recognizing multiple discrete addresses allowing it to control tombstones that are in a pallet-racking system as they become available in the machining envelope.

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