New, Smaller Waterjet Ideal for Fast Prototyping or Just-In-Time Production

Micro Waterjet LLC has expanded its line of Precision Waterjet Cutting Machines to include the new microwaterjet® C4. This new model incorporates all of the precision features of the original waterjet machine into a unit with a smaller footprint. Shops where available floor space was a concern or where wider substrates aren't necessary can now include the microwaterjet® C4 in their operations with ease.

"Operations that do not require wide substrates or have limited space and budget available will especially benefit from this technology," said Steve Parette, Managing Director, Micro Waterjet LLC. "This system provides the flexibility for fast prototyping or just-in-time production."

The C4 features a footprint of 1,500 mm x 1,800 mm and travel range for X/Y axes of 540 mm x 320 mm and 50 mm for Z-axis. Precision is key with the microwaterjet® C4. With a positioning accuracy of ± 0.003 mm, cutting accuracy of ± 0.01 mm (depending on material and thickness) and kerf width of 0.2 mm (0.008"), users are assured of part-to-part consistency. And, a narrow kerf width, minimal burr on the cutting edge, and little to no rework (finishing) results in higher quality and faster production.

The microwaterjet® C4 provides high cutting speeds with utmost accuracy and surface quality equivalent to N7 or Ra1.6 µm. Low cutting forces and no thermal impact maintain the integrity of the material's structure. Users will have the ability to cut a wide range of materials including hard alloys.

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