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Firearms Manufacturer Develops Custom App to Reduce Scrap and Operator Error

Precision Products, a manufacturer of precision machined parts for firearms manufacturers and various industries, has written a machine tool app that streamlines their cutting operations on their Okuma machine, while reducing operator error and scrapped parts.

Parts manufactured by Precision Products on an Okuma LT2000 EX twin spindle turning center.



The Licensed Firearms Manufacturer machines more than 300 variations of shotgun parts. To manage such a large number of variations in cutting, they customized the functionality of the Okuma control on their LT2000 EX twin spindle turning center with a machine tool app that displays easy, touch screen selections to program parts. This new app minimizes the chance of operator error, reduces training time and increases shop floor efficiency by simplifying CNC machining complexities.

The open architecture of Okuma's OSP-P control allows users to customize operations to suit their unique machining needs. Adam Kauger, Project Manager, Precision Products, has no formal app development experience but was able to learn the skills required with some online training.

Precision Products, Adam Kauger and Tim Kauger



Okuma supplied the API (application programming interface) to Kauger who then wrote the machine tool app. He allowed for numerous variations (such as different restriction sizes that get updated for each part), by writing macros for subprograms.

"I really believe in the benefit of being able to get the API's and write our own apps. Now I see how much you can do with an Okuma," says Adam.

Precision's custom machine tool app has given them the ability to simplify operations and maximize efficiency in addition to ensuring the quality and precision of their parts. "It's a big time saver and also minimizes costly errors," says Tim Kauger, Precision's owner.

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