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New Video Details Benefits of UltraSonic Cleaning Technology

UltraSonic LLC presents a new video which details the benefits of its unique technology, including side-mounted transducers and agitation/oscillation of cleaning bed to eliminate blind spots.

In the video, graphics show how a v-shaped bottom simplifies cleaning and how the oil skimmer cleans oil and dirt between batches automatically. These and other benefits result in unparalleled cleaning which boost the bottom line with faster cleaning while drastically reducing rejects.

UltraSonic LLC cleaners are ideal for a wide range of applications such as bearings, bolts, transmission components, engine parts prior to assembly, and more. In addition to industrial/manufacturing environments, they are ideal for automotive, medical, pharmaceutical, aerospace, engineering, and other industries.

UltraSonic LLC offers a proven ultrasonic cleaning design based on 30 years of hands-on experience cleaning parts of all kinds. The modular designs with ultrasonic clean, rinse, and dry cycles save labor and increase profits.

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