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Precision Test Bars Ensure Consistent Spindle Accuracy and Alignment

Excessive tool wear and tool breakage on machine tools is primarily caused by spindle runout. For every .0001-inch of T.I.R. (Total Indicator Runout) that can be reduced, tool life can be increased as much as 10 percent. That's why regular inspection of the machine tool spindle with a precision test bar for accuracy and alignment is imperative to ensure consistent quality production.

Briney Tooling Systems has continued to expand its CAT, BT and HSK offerings as spindle designs have evolved. The test bar is easy-to-use and is the quickest way to confirm that your machine spindle is running accurately. For example, if there has been a machine crash for any reason, it is essential that a test bar be used to ensure proper realignment of the spindle.

Each Briney test bar is provided with a certificate of accuracy that spells out the bar diameter and gage length that is inspected and certified to four decimal places (X.XXXX"). That data accompanies each test bar and is also etched on the bar. Retention knobs are sold separately so each type of machine can be properly fitted. The bars are supplied in protective wooden boxes with handles, hinges and clasps.

Briney's expanded test bar offering includes CAT40 and CAT50 models; BT30, BT40 and BT50 models and HSK50A, HSK63A, HSK80A and HSK100A models. Special test bar designs are also available from Briney's special design team that works daily with customers to design and build special tools.

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