3 Simple Rules for ERP Success

The job of any ERP software provider is to help every customer simplify their manufacturing. Global Shop Solutions has been doing just that -- simplifying your manufacturing -- for thousands of manufacturers in nearly 25 countries and 20 industries for over 40 years. Here, the company reveals the 3 rules for ERP success.

According to Global Shop Solutions, three simple rules will put your shop on the path to ERP success, using the entire system from quote to cash for your entire business. Those rules are:

The answer is actually pretty simple. A large number of our new customers join the Global Shop Solutions family, and after implementation, typically let us know the biggest difference is they use and are successful with the entire system. Every department within their manufacturing business has been impacted by the ERP system, not just one. And that adds up to one beautiful thing -- return on your ERP investment (and psst, more profits).

Know What You Have and Use It

The most successful ERP software customers are aware -- they pay attention. They read the emails, read the newsletter, participate in an assortment of training events offered to them through year, and as a result, they know all the great software modules that are available to them (with the vast majority included in their original purchase).

What software modules do Global Shop Solutions customers own? A lot. ERP success starts with knowing what is available and using all the modules, not just a few, to manage your business. They want data about their business that doesn't exist, or they want truthful data instead of a best guess. You can't manage what you don't know. In order to get the data, you need to know what software is available for you to use and then you must use it:

How You Start Matters

Change isn't easy. A manufacturer's success or failure with ERP can typically be traced back to two questions -- did they pick the right software for their needs and/or did the entire company buy in during implementation?

No one knows your business better than you do and the team working with you through your implementation should be experts in software and manufacturing. Your implementation team should have the same passion for your success as your team does.

The goal of an implementation is not to simply go live, but to accomplish the following 5 goals:

It Takes a Village

The right people, the right process, and the best software -- each plays its part. Imagine a body builder that eats right, trains every day, but never lifts with his left arm. Strange, right? He wouldn't be able to compete as effectively and would struggle to win competitions. Now imagine a manufacturer where every department is trained and using the ERP system but Quality. That manufacturer wouldn't be able to compete effectively and would struggle to retain existing business and win new business.

Manufacturers that run ERP successfully will all tell you one thing -- it takes a village. Everyone has to do their part. Each part of your business has to be committed and trained. ERP success starts with a cultural shift at every level to know and use the system -- President, CEO, CIO, CFO, Executive, Management, Shop Floor, and Administration. If one person decides it is too difficult, frustrating, or not important to be accurate it can sink the success. Well-trained users will always deliver better results for any software. That is why Global Shop Solutions takes training seriously. So serious in fact that we started our own school -- Global Shop Solutions University, which has four main pillars of education:

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