World's First Ultra High-Pressure Deburring System Provides Transferring, Washing and Drying in Single Unit

The JCC 603 Robo is described by Sugino as a pioneering product in the parts washing industry.

According to the company, their new system is the result of their many years of experience as a manufacturer of water-jet cutters and ultra-high-pressure pumps.

By working at 2,450 bar, reportedly the world's highest water pressure, the robot hand-type machine achieves a fast and excellent deburring performance even for workpieces made from hard materials such as titanium and Inconel or with complex geometries, deep holes and cross-holes.

Its specially designed robot arm makes it a highly versatile product, which means that customers only need to change the fixtures if a new type is added to the production line in future.

Thanks to the CNC control, the unit is also easily adjustable. Moreover, since its electrical components are completely isolated from the washing chamber, it is also a highly reliable product with superb continuous operation qualities, an improved lifetime, and easy maintenance.

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