New Entry-Level Millturn Handles Complete Machining of Smaller Workpieces

WFL's new M30 Millturn will be celebrating its world premiere at EMO 2017. The machine handles the complete machining of smaller workpieces.

Based on the previous smallest model, the M35 Millturn, the company has created a new, economical model.

The customer is said to benefit from a significant saving in terms of cost and from a fully perfected machine technology. The focus is on detailed improvements to the design of various machine components and further increases in reliability.

Thanks to the range of innovations and modernizations in the areas of functionality, ergonomics and optimized serviceability, the smallest WFL Millturn is now a powerful complete machining package.

The machine cladding has been equipped with 50 percent larger discs to ensure optimum visibility of the working area. Special attention has also been paid to the improved, user-friendly access to the tool magazine. A further advantage is seen in the state-of-the-art robust NC drive for the steady rest slide. In addition, an optimized machine base guarantees a quick set-up and repositioning of the machine.

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