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Powerful Milling Center Designed for 3 to 5 Axis Precision Machining

With the Picomax 75, Fehlmann has introduced a powerful solution for three- to five-axis machining. The machine construction, the Z-axis travel, the geometry and the control unit are designed for five-axis operation with the company's dividing and swiveling units.

Up to five axes are fully integrated in the control system. This combination is said to ensure optimum access and precision in five-, four- and three-axis machining.

The Picomax 75 can also be ordered as a pure three-axis milling machine, whereby fourth and fifth axes can be retrofitted if required at any time.

The machine is easily accessible from the front, also in combination with the optionally available automatic parts handling.

At EMO 2017, the machine will be equipped with a six-axis articulated-arm robot to enable the handling of blanks without pallets. Thanks to the automatic, flexible re-clamping of parts by the robot, an all-over machining of workpieces is possible without operator intervention. Workpieces can be produced with fully automated manufacturing and emerge completely finished from the machining process.

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