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Flexible, State-of-the-Art Fiber Laser Part Marking Solutions

From turnkey Class 1 workstations with safety enclosures to open-style Class 4 configurations and fully integrated solutions, Dapra Marking Systems has introduced a new series of laser offerings designed for maximum performance and easy customization.

Dapra Marking Systems made a significant investment in product development to engineer a series of fiber laser marking solutions from the ground up, pulling from a stable of state-of-the-art components to create a flexible core product line that can be quickly tailored to a customer's individual application requirements.

"Our approach is very much application driven," said David Noonan, Dapra's Director of Laser Marking Sales and Applications. "Customers shouldn't have to force their needs into an existing box because that's all that's available to them. Our core systems are very easy to customize, on a very cost-effective basis.

"We talk to each customer and help them determine what system configuration, laser source, lens, power source and accessories will be the best fit for their application, and we create a solution tailored to their needs."

Dapra's laser solutions feature:

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