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Versatile Tap Holders Now Available with Straight Shank for Rigorous Use

TM Smith Tool has introduced its new general-purpose compensating tap holder for a broad range of tapping applications.

The LCTH has tension and/or compression for non-synchronous machines, and radial float to compensate for misalignment between the work piece and spindle. The new tap holders are now available with a straight shank manufactured from premium grade steel that can withstand harsh environments and rigorous use.

Available in series 1 and 2, these tap holders also feature quick-change design for convenience and speed. There are five different tension and compression combinations available including full tension, the most popular design, which gives a solid start for accurate thread depth.

These versatile tool holders can also be used in an end mill holder, collet chuck or lathe tool block. The holders are built to accept TM Smith's wide range of tap adapters or several other manufacturers' adapters. Although standard tool holders are usually ideal, there may be situations where a special tool holder is required. The company offers design and engineering services to determine the correct type of tap holder to suit your application.

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T.M. Smith

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