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New and Improved Dot Peen Marker Features Cantilevered Head for Open Sight Line

Kwik Mark Inc. has introduced a new line of X Series markers which improve overall operation and streamline every aspect of marking your products.

The smarter design boasts high performance for the most demanding applications. The cantilevered marking head provides a clear open line of sight while the marking head can retract "back" to clear other tooling and equipment. Up to 6 axes are motion control ready and no PC or control box is required. For custom integration with logic, additional I/O is available.

This dot peen marker -- manufactured in the U.S. -- features machine-tool quality construction with twin rigid upright column leadscrew and ball slide design, brushless servomotors and non-contact limit home sensors and large t-slot table for fixturing. It is also available with programmable Z axis (full column height).

A true file based solution with a patented iTeach function allows you to use the marking tip as a "pointer" to define the text path. Teach the starting point of a line (1 point), the angle to use for angular text (2 points), and the radius for arc text (3 points), without prints, measuring tools or even the skillset to do layout work.

The latest embedded controls feature CF card memory with preprogrammed functions, job selection or data input and bar code input ready. Kwik Mark's machines are future upgradable and field rebuildable.

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