Soft Jaws' Easy-Locating Features Reduce Set-up Time, Ensure Consistent Part Clamping

Soft jaw blanks from Dillon Jaws feature an easy-locating feature which helps to reduce set-up times, aid concentric performance, provide better chuck balance, and ensure longer jaw life due to the increased accuracies.

A milled surface on the jaw end, opposite to the clamping surface, serves as a location point for positioning the counter-bored holes and the jaws' serrations, thus resulting in exact dimensional matching of Dillon jaw sets.

As a result of having established surfaces in relation to the jaw serrations, Dillon Chuck Jaws consistently perform as a standard workholding component for turned or bored parts.

Available in 1018 steel and 6061 aluminum as well as 4140, 8620 and A2, brass, delrin, or stainless steel, the jaws suit virtually any CNC or manual chuck project involving turned or bored parts. They are ideal for second operation finishing work including shafts, gear blanks, wheel hub and bearings.

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[Soft Jaws' Easy-Locating Features Reduce Set-up Time, Ensure Consistent Part Clamping]

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