Long Serrated Grips Maintain Contact on Full-Length of Workpiece; Perfect for Demanding Applications

Mitee-Bite Products has introduced the TalonGrip™ Long Length Serrated Grips.

The new grips were produced as a "drop fit" into the original 6" TalonGrip™ jaw set and they provide line contact the full length of workpiece.

The standard TalonGrip™ grips are very popular because of their compact size (.750" / 19mm long). They are designed to be placed anywhere in the jaw whenever specific tooling clearance is required.

All TalonGrips™ and VersaGrips™ remain a standard for fixturing when low-profile workholding is desired opposite Mitee-Bite's Pitbull® Clamps for the most demanding applications.

Manufactured from S7 steel, they are heat-treated and then finished with a black oxide coating -- providing the toughest, lowest grippers available in the industry. Each long length grip is laser engraved with a 10mm scale, allowing the user multiple reference points when repeatable part placement is needed.

"We received countless requests for long grips and we're excited to add them to our TalonGrip™ product line up," said Mitee-Bite General Manager, David Bishop. "We are always striving to bring our customers innovative products designed to help increase productivity with a quick ROI."

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[Long Serrated Grips Maintain Contact on Full-Length of Workpiece; Perfect for Demanding Applications]

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