"OK, So What Can Generate 20,000 Pounds of Pressure?"

Mitee-Bite Products introduces new OK-Vise® T-Slot Clamps capable of generating over 20,000 pounds of pressure.

This design utilizes some of the strongest lowest-profile clamps in the industry. The Pitbull® and OK-Vise® Clamps can be used on the same base with so many configurations you'll likely have a solution when the application presents itself.

Due to a low-profile design of OK-VISE® Clamps, it is possible to execute flexible three-directional machining of workpieces with one fastening. This ability to machine a workpiece in three planes means improved accuracy.

The single wedge clamps keep the workpieces steadily in place, not allowing upward or downward movement. The double-wedge clamps generate a pull-down action pressing the workpieces towards the fixture base.

Single-wedge clamps are also available with extended jaws that can be machined to suit the geometry of the workpiece.

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["OK, So What Can Generate 20,000 Pounds of Pressure?"]

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