Laser Texturing: Cost-Effective Solution for Hard-to-Reach Areas on Molds

Many of today's molds maintain a texture that was either chemically etched or auxiliary machined providing either an aesthetic or functional surface finish to the molded part. With three-dimensional etching capability, Precision Laser Technology offers the laser etching of surface textures and patterns.

Complex mold geometry and deep patterns are not a friendly mix for molders. Undercuts caused by wrapped patterns discourage parts from mold release forcing designers to either alter their texture selection or depth. PLT maintains a direct etch angle consistent with the parting line that aids the molding process.

PLT has successfully textured production molds with three-dimension patterns and industry standard EDM finishes. Laser Texturing offers a cost-efficient means for hard-to-reach areas and small, flat mold components.

Proven Advantages

Repeatability -- The creation of a digital pattern ensures repeatability from tool-to-tool vs. manually transferred wax patterns.

Cost Savings -- Particularly for small, flat surfaces, molds are handled in the same fashion as if they were to receive a cavity ID. Labor time invested in masking tools and transferring patterns is avoided.

Increased Precision -- Traditional acid etching requires tool exposure to a chemical bath or spray increasing the risk of depth variances and/or mold damage from masking leaks. Meeting both aesthetic and functional expectations, textures are lasered into metal or graphite within +/- 0.0005? of desired depth.

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[Laser Texturing: Cost-Effective Solution for Hard-to-Reach Areas on Molds]

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