Certified Pre-Owned Laser Trackers Allow First-Time Users Low-Cost Access to Portable Measurement Technology

API Services has launched a Recertified Laser Tracker operation.

An API Recertifed Laser Tracker allows first-time tracker users to receive the benefits of Laser Tracker measurements at a significant discount on new tracker pricing or allows for additional tracker capacity to be added by experienced laser tracker users. Recent market surveys estimate that the use of Laser Trackers by the manufacturing industry will increase by 13 percent per annum (CAGR) over the next 5 years.

All API Recertified Laser Trackers have been through a rigorous factory inspection process and recertified to the B89.4.19 standard at the API Services IS0 17015 certified facility. Each tracker comes standard with a 12 months full parts and labor warranty.

Recertified Laser Trackers can be supplied with a popular metrology software such as Verisurf®, Polyworks® and Spatial Analyzer® or customers can utilize an existing software license. Trackers are supplied with an initial measurement SMR (Spherically Mounted Retroreflector).

The use of portable inspection equipment is rapidly increasing as more manufacturers take part measurement to the manufacturing floor. Laser Trackers offer the ability to perform CMM-style measurements quickly and accurately without the part logistics associated with transporting parts to a centralized quality laboratory.

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[Certified Pre-Owned Laser Trackers Allow First-Time Users Low-Cost Access to Portable Measurement Technology]

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