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New Internet of Things Platform Provides Easy and Cost-Effective Shop Management

Engenuity Systems has released eViewIoT™, a new facility management platform incorporating both cloud-based software and a family of supporting apps and hardware devices.

The IoT platform provides visibility into an entire building's control systems through a series of informative and easy-to-use dashboards and reports on the eViewIoT app for iOS™, Android™, or any browser-enabled device. The platform includes energy analytics, site comparisons, trending, and alarming.

eViewIoT provides system integrators, mechanical contractors, property management and building owners a set of tools to run their facilities more efficiently and with less required training.

"eViewIoT's tools assist in reducing overall energy consumption, identifying pending equipment failures and preventing unexpected maintenance issues, helping to reduce bottom-line expenses and improve cash flow," says Tracy Markie, CEO at Engenuity Systems. Mr. Markie continued "The ability to manage multiple facilities, floors or tenants through one easy-to-use user interface brings a new level of usability not previously achieved. We wanted to give our customers the clarity they need with 24/7/365 access to all their information in the form of actionable data so they can make informed decisions and save money."

eViewIoT uses real-time and historical data from monitored equipment across all facilities and displays it in a variety of user-friendly dashboards. Users may search and compare energy usage, run times, and other information by location, floor, tenant, groups or types of equipment. With this level of visibility into their buildings, users can identify poorly and/or underperforming locations, equipment or areas that require a disproportionate amount maintenance or consume larger amounts of energy than expected - and make corrective actions.

eViewIoT is protocol and hardware agnostic, preventing customers from getting locked into proprietary hardware or software systems. The platform is expandable and interoperable with most common protocols and can utilize already installed components or Engenuity's eViewIoT family of devices to keep costs low.

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