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Real-Time Drag-and-Drop Scheduling for Job Shops

MIE Solutions has introduced the Planning Board, a stand-alone scheduling module that makes Shop Floor planning easier, faster, and more dynamic than ever before.

"To be competitive in today's marketplace, our customers need the tools to become more efficient and productive," states David Ferguson, CEO of MIE Solutions. "The integration of a new planning board adds another tool in the toolbox of scheduling components to manage a job shop."

MIE Solutions is packed with multiple scheduling tools, from Backwards Scheduling and Forward-Finite Capacity Planning to "What-If" Scenarios and White Board Scheduling. The new Planning Board module easily integrates with all these components and adds powerful capabilities to the MIE Solutions product family.

Programming, estimation, Shop Floor management, and field service departments can all take advantage of the Planning Board. This operational tool rapidly transmits information between cross-functional groups, streamlining communication and increasing productivity. Programming, estimation, and design teams can make educated decisions based on the real-time feedback from the Shop Floor.

Key attributes of the Planning Board include:

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