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High-Efficiency End Mills Optimized for Titanium; Enhance Tool Life by 20%

Helical Solutions has released its new HVTI series of tooling, optimized for High Efficiency Milling (HEM) in Titanium 6Al4V and other Titanium alloys.

The HVTI product line achieves unprecedented tool life in titanium, with 20 percent greater tool life over standard end mills.

This exciting new tool is also proven to last for multiple hours in the cut. This Helical Solutions offering features 6 flutes, a corner radius profile, and variable pitch geometry designed to create higher quality final parts by decreasing chatter and harmonics. Helical's End Mills for Titanium are also unique for the exceptional performance they provide in HEM, the proven efficiency-boosting machining strategy.

The design of Helical's End Mills for Titanium was the result of significant testing by the Harvey Performance Company Innovation and New Product Development teams. This multi-month effort was spent testing tools, performing in-depth analyses on materials and tool geometries, and pushing the resulting new product through hours in the cut with exceptional results.

HVTI-6 Product Highlights:

"With the constant growth of the aerospace industry, titanium has increasingly become a popular material found in machine shops," said Harvey Performance Company Product Development Engineer Tom Pyle. "We're extremely excited to introduce the new HVTI line of end mills for HEM in Titanium."

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