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Renishaw's New Quick Load Rail System is Fast, Easy and Repeatable

Renishaw Fixturing Solutions (formerly R&R Fixtures) created the QuickLoad™ Corner (QLC) to locate and hold fixture base plates on vision systems. Now, it has developed a similar product for use on CMMs. The QuickLoad Rail (QLR) is the latest product released by Renishaw's fixturing division.

The QuickLoad Rail (QLR) system utilizes the company's hard-coat anodized, alpha-numerically labeled aluminum base plates in a variety of thread sizes (M4, M6, M8, ¼-20).

Base plates locate to the QLR on either side using quick release magnets and location pins. Used with Renishaw's extensive selection of labeled modular components, the alpha-numeric plates enable the user to set parts up the same way every time.

The product is quick, easy and repeatable, allowing the user to set up parts for inspection on multiple plates, and load them to the rail efficiently to maximize throughput.

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