Ohio Machine Shop Installs New Workholding System and Reduces Part Changeovers to Less than 5 Minutes

Triangle Machine Products was looking for a way to run the same part on multiple machines with minimal set-up time. According to Plant Manager Mike Casper, they found it.

The Triangle Machine Products Company is a state-of-the-art facility based in Cleveland, Ohio, specializing in machining precision metal components. Part of Freeway Corporation, Triangle Machine Products is a full-service supplier from concept and design to prototyping and production, offering services that include grinding, drilling, tapping, reaming, broaching, milling and burnishing.

Triangle Machine Products is a wholly owned subsidiary of Freeway Corporation located on the Freeway corporate headquarter property in Cleveland. Triangle is a full-service provider of turned and machined components.





On-time delivery is a hallmark of Triangle Machine Products, whether a production run involves small volume or millions of pieces.

To accommodate customer demand for different parts in different quantities, Triangle acquired four additional CNC tapping centers for secondary operations. Thirty-two Acme Gridley screw machines feed the Brother TC-31A and TC-32B machines, two with four-axis indexers and two with faceplates for flat work. Triangle often runs multiple parts across different shifts or even during single shifts.

Ideally, Triangle wanted to be able to run the same part on any of the four machines, to minimize set-up time. Triangle Plant Manager Mike Casper emphasized, "Quick changeovers are a must -- we simply cannot afford any downtime between parts runs."

Triangle produces precision turned and machined components for multiple industries worldwide.



To minimize any custom work, Triangle used SolidWorks® 3D CAD software to design and then manufacture their own steel subplates to work with off-the-shelf Jergens Bridgeport fixture plates using the Ball Lock Mounting System for workholding.

The Bridgeport plates were selected because they accommodate the larger work envelope of the Brother TC-31A and TC-32B machines, using either a single plate or two side-by-side plates. This approach enabled Triangle to accomplish multiple set-ups using stock Jergens plates.

The repeatability of the Jergens Ball Lock system also proved to be a time-saver for Triangle. Once the x/y coordinates were established and the subplate squared up, fixture plates were secured with just two Ball Lock shanks -- without any indicating or further adjustment.

Ball Lock locating pin cutaway



The productivity savings for Triangle Machine products were remarkable:

"Now we simply change out the fixture plates, complete with workholding components, and punch in the appropriate program code for the next job. That's it. Our set-up people love the Ball Lock system. We're definitely getting spoiled," added Casper.

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