New EDM Drill Drowning in Innovation

Makino's SST FE3 CNC machine features an innovative design that brings new capabilities to general-purpose EDM Drilling applications.

The machine utilizes a semi-submerged mode of operation that submerges the bottom 1-inch of the work piece to aid in debris evacuation, reduce water spray or splashing, and provides more stable break-thru machining.

A full-function water reservoir unit is standard and contains a Wire EDM type filter and its own di-ionization system to maintain the water quality level.

The SST FE3 CNC machine uses a 15" Touch Screen Windows based control system that contains many helpful canned cycle functions for part setup and operation. The control additionally allows the direct importing of CAD DXF files for programming or can run a Wire EDM program where the machine automatically reads the AWT Thread Points as Drill Points to produce start holes for Wire EDM parts.

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[New EDM Drill Drowning in Innovation]

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