New Highly Repeatable Concentric OD Clamp Ideal for High-Density Applications

Mitee-Bite Products just completed the design and development of a new style concentric Outside Diameter (OD) clamping tool.

The tool repeats within tenths and is compact for a high-density application. It is tough enough to meet your tooling capabilities.

This patent pending design can be machined to hold any shape completely through clamp and fixture plate as well as gripping a workpiece above the compression nut.

15° incremental laser-engraved indicators on the large cap (22.5° on small cap) apply repeatable torque without torque wrench. Indicators also used for preload (15° - 45°) when machining clamps to actual workpiece dimensions.

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[New Highly Repeatable Concentric OD Clamp Ideal for High-Density Applications]

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