Orbital Lathe's "Wizard" Feature Makes Complicated Operations Simple

Sir Meccanica's Top 400 Portable Orbital Lathe has been created for machining on faces and on internal and external surfaces of fixed tubular bodies that are impossible to rotate and are not accessible by conventional machine tools.

The lathe is suitable for a variety of complex and precise turning operations:

In order to simplify the use of this machine tool, Sir Meccanica has created a simple and innovative principle -- "WIZARD SYSTEM" -- that eliminates the programming in code, simplifying the operations for less expert users.

"Wizard" is an accessory software of the machine controller that, if installed in the main application of the controller, allows the user to carry out complicated operations through a series of simple steps.

The main characteristics of Sir Meccanica's wizard are:

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[Orbital Lathe's "Wizard" Feature Makes Complicated Operations Simple]

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