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March 08, 2017 - Volume 11 Issue 03
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Okuma's GENOS M560-V Easily Cuts Exotic Metals

The GENOS M560-V vertical machining center is part of Okuma's Affordable Excellence product lineup combining special pricing and superb quality. The highly rigid, thermally-stable double column construction allows for precise, heavy duty cutting and flawless finishes of difficult to machine materials. This VMC has the power and flexibility to deliver results time after time.

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Chicago Job Shop Finds Instant Solution for Measuring Multi-Dimensional Parts During Quality Inspection
Inspection bottlenecks jeopardize on-time delivery and can hurt a shop's bottom-line, so how did Dudek and Bock Spring Manufacturing Company instantly solve their inspection problems?
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6 Questions Small Shops Should Ask Before Tax Day Creeps Any Closer
Yes, March is here and tax filing deadlines are getting uncomfortably close. But there's still time to make some savvy tax decisions that will pay off for you and your business. Tax attorney Barbara Weltman identifies several questions you should be asking yourself (and your CPA, of course) right about now.
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Accelerate Tooling Design and Model Preparation

ANSYS SpaceClaim® enables machinists to edit and repair all popular 2D and 3D CAD files. It's easy to learn and use. Intuitive tools streamline pre-machining workflows and increase productivity.

To learn how SpaceClaim simplifies machining, watch now.

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Image - Boring Heads Feature Built-In Smart Damper Technology for Vibration-Free Operations Boring Heads Feature Built-In Smart Damper Technology for Vibration-Free Operations
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  Multi-Task Machining Software Improves Toolpath Speed; Reduces Cutting Time Up to 60%
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  100 Top Tips for Plant Maintenance
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  Free Online Training: Become a Robot Programmer in Only 87 Minutes
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Versatile 4-Axis, Class 1 Fiber Laser Part Marking Systems

DAPRA's versatile, turnkey Graphix laser marking workstations offer 4-axis marking capabilities within a compact Class 1 enclosure. Generous marking window and part locating surface. 300mm maximum Z-axis height. Choice of 10W or 20W fiber laser source. Great for medical, automotive, aerospace, military and electronics applications.

Watch a demo and download specs.

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  Rotomax Grinder/Polisher Performs 6 Different Functions
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  3D Software Offers "Walk-Through" Technology -- See Inside Models
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  State-of-the-Art Laser Welding Workstation Perfect for Many Materials and Applications
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  New 3.3 Meter Robot Arm Delivers 63% Greater Reach; Ideal for Welding Large Parts
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Chip Trapper™

The Chip Trapper offers a fast, easy way to clean chips, swarf and shavings out of used coolants and other liquids by vacuuming the liquid in, trapping the solids in the filter bag, and pumping out again only the liquid. Watch the Video!

Web site offers detailed information.

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  "Mr. Cog" Oil Skimmer Features On/Off Switch; Collects Quart of Oil per Hour
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  New Plasma Machine Offers Twice the Cutting Performance at Half the Cost
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  Next Generation Flap Discs Provide 236% Longer Tool Life
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  7" Angle Grinders Feature More Power and More Operator Comfort
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How Universal Robots Made CNC Machine Tending Take Flight

Whippany Actuations Systems makes electro-mechanical actuation systems for the aerospace and defense industries. The company needed to increase production quickly, preferred to manufacture in-house, and looked for an alternative solution to sinking a large expenditure into a new CNC machine. Watch how collaborative Universal Robots met the challenge.

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Product Focus Award Winner New 3D Printer Puts the Rapid Back in Prototyping

Based on reader interest and analysis from our editorial staff, this article won MAN's Product Focus Award for last month's eNewsletter. We would like to congratulate the winning company. In case you missed it, please click on the headline above to view the article.

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