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August 31, 2017 - Volume 11 Issue 14
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Image - GibbsCAM Complete CAM Solution for Any CNC Machine GibbsCAM Complete CAM Solution for Any CNC Machine

GibbsCAM is a scalable CAM system that gives you the tools to program parts faster and cut machine time with innovative toolpath strategies and proven, error-free post processors.

Try GibbsCAM for free | Learn more about GibbsCAM

Image - MAN 50th Anniversary Celebration MAN 50th Anniversary Celebration

The entire staff of Modern Applications News, better-known as MAN, is proud to be celebrating its 50th anniversary this year!

For five decades, it has been our honor and privilege to provide Job Shops with the necessary information and real-world solutions essential for their growth and profitability.

When MAN was first published in 1967, the moon landing was still two years away, John McCain was being held captive in a Vietnam POW camp, and O.J. Simpson was playing running back -- for USC. A different time, to say the least.

It was also a different time for the machine tool industry. In the early days of MAN, Numerical Control machines were still a mysterious technology and CAD-CAM was just an abbreviation for a dishonest guy named Cameron.

But times have changed. And MAN has chronicled those changes, reporting on each and every advancement as it became reality. Now, we cover topics and trends such as automation, 3D printing, and the Internet of Things. MAN is there to cover the latest innovations, news, features, and new products that prove vital to the Job Shop.

Over the years, MAN also experienced changes. Serving our readers as a print magazine for 43 years, MAN briefly transitioned to an all-digital publication before evolving into its highly successful, current-day eNewsletter format.

First and foremost, this special edition MAN eNewsletter is a chance for us to say "thank you" to our readers. Your loyalty will always be greatly appreciated. Our primary goal with every issue is to provide information that will serve our readers.

This special issue also gives us a chance to thank our advertisers. Without them, MAN would not have existed for very long -- certainly not 50 years. Some of our current advertising partners have been with us for decades and for that we are grateful.

While MAN has always been a team effort, we would be remiss not to mention one person who has been there from the beginning -- our publisher, Vern Nelson. After 50 years, Vern's passion for helping the men and women in the machine tool industry has not subsided, and it remains the inspirational force behind MAN and its sister publications -- Tooling & Production, Manufacturing Center, and Designfax.

On behalf of Vern, and everyone here at MAN, we want to once again thank you for your loyalty and patronage over the last 50 years!

Bob West
Associate Publisher/Managing Editor

***P.S. -- As a way to thank our loyal readers, we are giving away a free "Google Home." Please check out the contest details below!

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Image - 1/4 Ton Of Refrigeration 1/4 Ton Of Refrigeration

This small, stainless steel Vortex Tube produces 1/4 ton of refrigeration and has no moving parts to wear out. Temperatures range from minus 50 to +250 degrees Fahrenheit. Cooling applications include electronic controls, machining operations, heat seals, welding operations, hot melts and more.

Web site offers detailed information.

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Image - Efficient, Precise EMAG Vertical Turning Machine for Chucked Components Efficient, Precise EMAG Vertical Turning Machine for Chucked Components

Stable machine structure, dynamic axes and ease of operation are just some of the outstanding features available with the EMAG VL 2 vertical turning machine. With its modular machine concept, the EMAG VL 2 vertical lathe makes it possible to perform a variety of production technologies for soft and hard machining with integrated automation and a pick-up spindle, all while providing the best value for the investment.

More Information

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Image - Measure Six Degrees of Freedom from a Single Set-Up Measure Six Degrees of Freedom from a Single Set-Up

Renishaw's XM-60 is a powerful diagnostic laser measurement system capable of measuring errors in linear, pitch, yaw, roll, horizontal and vertical straightness measurements simultaneously from a single set-up. All six degrees of freedom are measured in the same time as a single measurement with a conventional laser.

Learn More

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Image - Proven Results: Double Your Machine Capacity  Extend the Life of Your Cutting Tools Proven Results: Double Your Machine Capacity Extend the Life of Your Cutting Tools
VoluMill™ - Proven Ultra High-Performance Toolpath Technology that provides a competitive advantage to manufacturing companies around the world.
  • Reduce rough milling cycle times up to 90%
  • Reduce cutting tool costs up to 75%
  • Generate low-force toolpaths for all materials and parts
  • Maximize material removal with high precision and reliability
  • Optimize machine performance while reducing cutting tool wear
  • 3-Axis and 5-Axis rough milling capabilities Click here for more info.

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Image - Coolant Mist Collector Coolant Mist Collector

Handte EM Profi emulsion/coolant mist collector for machining centers offers very high collection efficiency and "24/7" performance for increased productivity, service ease and lower operating costs. Patented automatic sprayer counteracts emulsion coolant clumping to reduce maintenance. Service life is up to six years for primary filters. 12-year limited warranty.

Camfil APC

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Image - Our Fast Growing XYZ Xpansion Pins are Now Available in an Economy Version! Our Fast Growing XYZ Xpansion Pins are Now Available in an Economy Version!

MITEE-BITE Products now offers an economy friendly 12L14 version of our popular Press Fit Modular XYZ Xpansion™ Pins. The Pins expand up to 0.030" (0.7mm) and the diameter can be machined for specific applications. The top of the Pins have a slight taper creating maximum line contact in bore and provides clearance during load/unload. Designed for quick set-ups on secondary operations, material coming off prep stations, water-jets or even for assembly outside of your machining centers!

More information

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Image - Quick Selective Marking Quick Selective Marking

Numberall Model 83 Selective Numbering Machines offer a fast set-up in the semi-automatic class where permanent indenting of nameplates, parts or packaging materials are needed. You can quickly rotate the wheels to a desired sequence. Available from 1/32" to 1/4" characters and up to 12 wheels. Available in hand held or press mount versions. Made in the USA, since 1930.

More Information

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Image - Catalog of Ovens and Furnaces Catalog of Ovens and Furnaces
Over 400 standard ovens and furnaces, with temperatures to 2700°F, are described in this catalog from Grieve. Custom-designed heat processing systems, too. Grieve offers laboratory, bench, cabinet, truck, walk-in and conveyor ovens; cleanroom and pharmaceutical ovens; laboratory and industrial furnaces; environmental test chambers and more.

THE GRIEVE CORPORATION | Attention: Frank Calabrese
Phone: 847-546-8225 |

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Image - Innovative Fluid Technology for Metal Removal Operations Innovative Fluid Technology for Metal Removal Operations

Designed for medium to heavy duty machining of ferrous and non-ferrous alloys, QUAKERCOOL® 7450 has exceptional emulsion stability and foam control over a wide range of water hardness. This boron-free, semi-synthetic fluid contains an enhanced biostability package that resists bacteria and fungus -- including Myco bacteria, extending sump life and minimizing plant odors.

More Information

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Image - VGM Series Metal Machining Center VGM Series Metal Machining Center

The VGM Series of CNC machining centers from Komo Machine, Inc. has been developed specifically for the customer who requires a heavy-duty machine ideal for all metalworking applications. These machines feature a moving gantry and from one to four tool changers for a total capacity of 60 tools.

More Information

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Image - It's Time to Deal with your Coolant Mist Problem It's Time to Deal with your Coolant Mist Problem
Why are Coral Noil Mist Collectors your best choice?

  • The Noil Mist Collector is a hybrid. It does not have a rotating filter drum, therefore it will not go out of balance and will not create vibrations.
  • Depending on application, users report two plus years before the long life filters need cleaning or replacement.
  • Five year warranty, including motor and electrics.

Learn more, download mist collection guide | ITA, Inc. 410-777-8555 |

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Image - Automate Your CNC in Only 5 Days! Automate Your CNC in Only 5 Days!

Startup eyewear brand Lowercase automated its CNC machine right from the beginning. In only 5 days, they programmed a Universal Robot and a Robotiq 2-fingers gripper. The 3 employees can now focus on the countless other things there is to do in any start-up.

See the full Case Study!

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Image - UNIVERSAL Inspection Fixturing Like Never Before! UNIVERSAL Inspection Fixturing Like Never Before!

Create a LEAN, standardized process across all inspection equipment with Loc-N-Load™ plates and work holding from Inspection Arsenal™. Recommended by LEAN practitioners to reduce the most expensive waste that affect profits -- defective parts, excess motion, over production, and waiting... waiting of talented people and expensive spindles! A small investment now equals big payback in 2017!

Image - Win a Free MAN 50th Anniversary Celebration

Win a Free "Google Home" Contest!

MAN has a long history covering job shops in the machine tool/metalworking industry. We are happy and proud to know that many readers have been with us for much of that time.

So, as part of our 50th anniversary "thank you" celebration, we are giving away a free "Google Home" to the reader who sends us a picture of themselves holding the oldest issue of MAN amongst all the pictures submitted.

"Google Home" is a voice-activated speaker powered by the Google Assistant. It allows you to use voice commands to enjoy music, get answers from Google and manage your everyday tasks.

You can email your picture as a .jpg attachment to:

Your picture may be used in a future MAN eNewsletter. Contest entries must be received by Sunday September 10, 2017.

Hanging on to those old magazines may finally pay off! Good luck and thank you for your loyalty to MAN!

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